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Matty Grey's Grossed Out Game Show

Grossed Out game show photo

There are a huge number of awesome photos from the various Grossed Out Game Shows that have been done around the country.

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Matty Hatter sneaks up on an unsuspecting audience memberMatty prepares his morning drinkMatty Hatter hunting a fairy for some fairy breadHelping some families wrap someone in toilet paper so they can meet a celebrityPillow fight chaos for the grand finale

Age-Less 2: Game On!

Matt Hatter shows kids how to begMatty shares a joke with an audience memberMatty battles the evil overlord with his Rock'em Sockem' robotThe audience plays dadge ballMatty grey performs his amazing disappearing trick

Age-Less 3: The Nitwits

Kat attempts to cook with Matt being a pest behind her Matt hides waiting for Kat with a massive fly swatter Matt put his arm in the wardrobe and got a shock! Kat look horrified at the underwaer Matt found in the wardrobe The vomint bunny (with some help from Matt) says hello to an audience member

Mute Matt

Mute Matt blows his whistle to the musicMute Matt caught out not quite pulling a rabbit out of his hatMute Matt doing a magic trick with an auidence memberMute Matt points out the features of an attractive audience member

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Out and about during comedy festival time, making some fun on the streets!

Matty Hatter and Super Mario out front of Town Hall at the 2013 MICFMatty Hatter on his segway at Federation Square at the 2012 MICFMatty Hatter wrestling some boys at the request of their parents at the 2013 MICFMatty Hatter with a crowd on on-lookers at Federation SquareMatty Grey on the streets on Melbourne

Bendigo Easter Festival

Matty holds court on a bridge at the Bendigo Easter festivalMatty Hatter with a group of new friends at BendigoMatty just having fun on his scooter at the Bendigo Easter festival

Sydney Fringe Festival

Winning Best Kids Show at Sydney Fringe Festival 2013

Canberra Comedy Festival

Matty Grey up in lights

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014

Matt on one of the Virgin Money fre performance stages on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival Matt on his segway rolling around Edinburgh during the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival The boys at The Little Big Show in the Assembly George Square Gardens for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival Matty engages his audience in a massive pillow fight at the Comedy Club for Kids at the Assembly Roxy during the Edinburgh Fringe FestivalMatty with a willing "volunteer" at Edinburgh Zoo during the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival Matty meeting a fan in the Assembly George Square Gardens after a showMatt's wife Kat dressed as Mario about to go flyering for Game On at the Edinburgh Firnge Festival Matty meeting Red Bastard at a gathering of physical comedians in Edinburgh