Mute Matt

Mute MattThe Mute Matt character was developed to be an antidote to the Matty Hatter character. The Hatter is loud, bright, energetic and fun for the whole family. Mute Matt is a silent prankster who can be found anywhere from family friendly events to your typical stand-up night at the workers club.

Mute Matt is a bewildered man who is trying to express himself in a world he doesn't always understand. He takes his cues from vaudeville to embrace the physical nature of the stage and combines it with a bag of props and a killer soundtrack. The joy of the Mute Matt character lies in misdirection. The slow build of each sketch keeps the audience guessing and the folksy charm of the character belies the darkness coming at the end. But just when you think you have him figured out, he turns the tables again.

The one thing that Mute Matt has in common with the Matt Hatter character is that Matt uses his skill with audience participation to engage his audience. Where other comedians can have trouble encouraging audience members to join in with the show, Mute Matt seems to have no troubles. I mean, you would have to be a pretty bad person to refuse a man who can't speak!