The Matty Hatter

The Matt Hatter is loud, bright and full of energy. He's a bit naughty, a bit strange and a lot of fun. Whether he is on stage as part of one of his stage shows, or he's roaming through the crowds at various festivals, you will always be able to follow the noise and find the Matt at the centre of it!

The Matt Hatter was first brought to life in 2011 with the very first "Age-Less" show. Since then the character has gone from strength to strength. Over the last 2 and bit years he has appeared at numerous events including The Children's Hospital Gold Week Telethon, Bendigo Easter Festival, McHappy Day and even appeared on the ABC24News (but not in a bad way).

Matty Hatter waving at the camera

The Shows

"Age-Less" was the first of the shows created by Matt for children. Running through the show is a simple theme... It's fun to be a kid! The show reminds parents what it is like to be a kid. To the children, Matty Hatter begs them not to grow up too fast. All of this is brought to a chaotic crescendo with a massive pillow fight the likes of which you've never seen!

"Age-Less 2: Game On!" tells the audience the story of what happened after Matt finished his first show's tour. He went home and played video games. While playing games something went wrong and he got sucked into Game Land. With no choice but to fight his way to freedom, Matty Hatter faced down some seriously dangerous villains and eventually got back to the real world. By turning loved digital games in hilarious real world events Matt tries to encourage us all to remember that as much fun as games are, the real world can be more fun if you just remember to spend some time there.

"Age-Less 3: The Nitwits" is the finale of the Age-Less trilogy. For this show Matt is joined by Kat Placing as Teddy. In Nitwits they explore what it takes to be a good kid. It's a flight of imagination that will have kids laughing and parents horrified at what ideas their kids might be getting. Complete with bed bugs, closet monsters and vomiting bunnies, this is pure fun!

"Grossed Out Game Show" is a massive live game show where the whole audience gets to play! Every show is presented with two celebrity team captains who each lead half the audience in a battle of skills, wit and slime! As the games progress the litres of slime begin to be added up and at the end of the game the celebrities will be stepping into the sliming booth to be drenched in green goo!

"Matty Grey's Mega Variety Kids Show! (One hour of fun spread over 75 minutes of chaos)" is a massive variety style talkshow. Matty is joined for this show by some of his funniest (and strangest) friends to create a Lettermanesque style talk show for kids... in the middle of the day... with glitter cannons!

"Giggle-fest" is just for fun. It takes some of the best bits from the two Age-Less shows and adds some new fun of its own. It's a side-shakin', rib-ticklin', giggle-a-thon that is intended to be a fun show that can fit in spaces that kid's shows don't quite usually fit into.